Staying on the Cutting Edge

of the Digital World

Clearly defining what you want to accomplish and how it will be integrated with your overall marketing strategy is the first step in creating a website. We accomplish this with an in-depth discovery process.


Determining the characteristics and objectives of your target audience requires special attention.  We help you decipher what you want visitors to do or feel when they visit your site.  It is imperative that visitors can easily access the information they are seeking and the content is presented in a style they can relate to.

The website must also be a living, breathing, dynamic communication tool that is constantly refreshed and updated with new content.  We help you develop a plan to ensure the site is energized continually with useful information and timely events.  This includes training on how to use the chosen content management system to refresh the site by regularly posting fresh content yourself.


We work with you every step the way to ensure your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy and exceeds your internet objectives.

The Discovery Meeting Includes

  • A review of business goals
  • An analysis of selling processes
  • Establishing key messages
  • Defining target audiences
  • A competitive review
  • What actions you want the visitor to take
  • The website design framework
  • Selecting a content management system
  • Determining evaluation metrics

Case Studies

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Reconstructive Orthopaedics