Direct Marketing

Making a Direct Connection

Research shows that customers who interact with sources over multiple channels are more loyal, purchase more and are more profitable than those who interact with you over a single channel.  Direct marketing is a very effective way to widen the touches with your customers.


With direct marketing, you can control your message and how it is delivered and the results are trackable and measurable.  Whether its printed pieces, three-dimensional promotions, email marketing, social media or telemarketing, we can energize your efforts with a shot of creativity that will grab your audience’s attention and encourage a response.

Especially effective in today’s digital world, are three-dimensional mail pieces that can be sent to a small, targeted audience, but can make a gigantic impact! With everything being electronic, no one receives a package anymore, so the recipient can’t resist opening a box when it arrives on his/her desk.  Whether it is a helium balloon (see AMS case study) or a full-sized life-saver (see SwimSafe case study), the appointment-setting return with these attention-grabbing pieces has been an amazing 20%-40%! That compares pretty favorably to the typical 1%-3% for regular direct mail.


On any direct marketing program we will set up an ROI measurement to calculate your return and analytics to ensure continuous improvement.

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