SwimSafe Pool Management

New Branding and Lifesaver Direct Mail Generate over $1,000,000 in Sales


SwimSafe Pool Management offers turn-key pool management services to country clubs, swim clubs, municipal pools and HOA’s. SwimSafe had achieved respectable growth relying on referrals and word-of-mouth, but wanted to expand at a faster rate in the Cincinnati/Dayton area. SwimSafe was hampered by low awareness in its target markets and a stodgy image compared to its large, national competitor.

Print Advertisement Solution

Direct Mail Solution


A new logo, stationary, envelopes, labels, sales presentation, digital estimate package and website were created that repositioned SwimSafe as a progressive company delivering unparalleled pool management services. The benefits it offers to each target market were highlighted with customer testimonials as support.


A dimensional direct-mail piece was sent to country clubs, followed up by a phone call to set appointments. The piece consisted of an actual lifesaver with a banner reading “When it comes to managing your swimming pool, SwimSafe’s expertise can be a lifesaver”. A personalized letter to the General Manager was included along with a card listing the various services SwimSafe provides.


The new branding immediately changed the perception of SwimSafe from a local company with limited resources to a thriving regional competitor with services equal to its national competition. The Lifesaver direct-mail piece was sent to 24 country clubs with 10 appointments being set for an astounding return of 42%! The new marketing effort promised to make 2013 SwimSafe’s strongest year ever.

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