Signet Screening

Leveraging a New Partnership to Fuel Dramatic Growth


Founded in 2011 by Matt Messersmith, Signet Screening made the transition from a start-up company to a successful business during its first four years. In 2015, an opportunity arose for Signet to form a strategic partnership with Sonitrol of Southwest Ohio to promote each other’s security services to the respective company’s customer base.  Signet offered safer, more trustworthy employees and Sonitrol of Southwest Ohio security for you building and premises, which makes a powerful combination.  Matt asked Marketing Adrenaline to elevate his brand and marketing strategy to fully capture the potential new sales from the partnership.

Website Design Solution

Print Brochure Solution


The first step was to create an effective new website that described the array of screening services that Signet offered in a very professional manner.  To help the Sonitrol promote Signet’s screening services, a capabilities brochure was created for the sales force to use on calls and a landing page was placed on Sontirol’s website that highlighted the partnership.  In addition, a blast email was sent to all 3,600 of Sonitrol of Southwest Ohio’s current client’s.


Matt is just starting to follow-up the contacts made executing the marketing strategy for the new partnership rollout. The goal is to grow his business from 30%-40% as a result of the program. We will keep you apprised of the actual statistics in the months ahead.

marketing strategy to capture new sales