Reconstructive Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

A New Patient-Focused Branding


Reconstructive Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is a practice of eight board-certified orthopedists with four offices serving the needs of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Despite the fact that they had a reasonably large patient base, the practice was relatively unknown outside of its current patients. Recon wanted to raise its profile in Greater Cincinnati and differentiate itself from its competitors.

Website Design Solution

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An “Amazing comebacks start here” theme was chosen to show the practice was focused on its patients and committed to restoring them to normal, active lifestyles. The first step was to design a new website and brochure highlighting people and how they made “amazing comebacks” with Recon’s help. This was followed by new literature for the practice, a Facebook page, a series of ads in the Enquirer and a strong SEO effort.


The “Amazing Comebacks Start Here” theme has branded Recon as the orthopaedic practice that is concerned with its patients’ well being. Many of its competitors have since tried to copy this theme, but have not been as effective. The practice is thriving. The traffic to Recon’s website is up over 150% in the last 18 months. The Enquirer ad program produced numerous new patients, a number of whom actually cut out the ad and brought it into the office. The creation of a Facebook page further identifies Recon with its patients by providing news and personal stories about the practice and its patients.

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