Laffalot Summer Camps

Keeping Pace with Today’s Kids


Laffalot Summer Camp offers kids 6-12 years old a week of fun-filled activities led by well-trained counselors that includes playing high-energy sports and games to help them build life skills. Pat Nymberg, President and Founder, felt that the branding and messaging was no longer resonating with her target audience. After meeting with Marketing Adrenaline, Pat decided that a complete new branding including a logo, website, brochure and signage was in order.

Website Design Solution

Enrollment was up 10%


The branding began with an enhancement of the logo to maintain its playfulness, but make it more readable. The next step was to update the posters, yard signs and brochures with a colorful, exhilarating look. A new website was created that highlighted not only the fun that campers had, but the valuable life skills taught as an integral part of the activities. The ability to register for camps online was also included which greatly facilitated the registration process. A Facebook page was produced to enable the campers and parents to share their wonderful experiences.


The new branding is a big hit with both campers and parents. Enrollment was up 10% in 2014 and Pat looks forward to further growth in 2015.

with a colorful, exhilarating look