Bringing General Contractors to the Dinner Table


iSqFt is the construction industry’s leading provider of online bid solicitation and preconstruction management services in the United States. iSqFt was having trouble securing appointments with key general contractors to present its software. It targeted Atlanta, Minneapolis and Phoenix as target growth markets and needed a new way to persuade general contractors to listen to a presentation on the advantages of the iSqFt network.

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response rate of 40%


A large list of contractors was sorted down to the top 50 prospects in each market. Atlanta was selected as the first trial, since iSqFt had some previous pricing mistakes to overcome in that market. A series mailing that included two postcards and an actual tool box that included a free computer mouse was sent to the 50 contractors. The message was to “Get tied in to the iSqFt network for increased profits” with an invitation to dinner and a presentation at an upscale restaurant. The sales force made phone calls to the contractors and personally invited them to dinner.


In Atlanta, 18 general contractors attended the dinner and two others that could not make dinner scheduled appointments for a total response rate of 40%. In Minneapolis the response was 24% and in Phoenix the rate was 20%.

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