New Image, New Markets


Hadronics produces and repairs rolls mainly for the printing industry, but that is a mature industry which offers very limited opportunities for growth. Their capabilities include machining, plating, thermal spray and coatings to increase the life of various types of rolls that could be used for applicaitons outside of printing. Hadronics wanted to not only increase market share in the printing industry, but expand into the packaging and industrial markets to fuel their growth.

Website Design Solution

Website Design Solution


A new website was created communicating the capabilities that Hadronics offers not only to the printing industry, but also to the Converting/Packaging and Industrial markets as well. A search engine optimization (SEO) analysis was done to determine key words and content was added to address new markets. Sections were included to address the target markets along with case studies that detail Hadronics’ experience in each respective area.


The new website was very well received by both existing clients and prospects. The number of visitors increased dramatically, inquiries were up and new orders have been on the rise.

The new website was very well received